USA - Arizona

Best known for being home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona also encompasses forests, Native American reservations, and the Sonoran {North America's hottest desert} - 100,000 square of miles of pure wilderness and cacti where coyotes, mountain lions and even bears still roam.


Horseshoe Bend

A 270 degree twist of the Colorado River, the Horseshoe Bend is a magnificent view of the Grand Canyon from the edge of the 1,000 foot cliff.


Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, the "spiral rock arches" is a beautiful canyon that was carved by water over centuries. This resulted in some amazing towering, orange and tan sandstone shapes and textures. There are two Canyons, Lower and Upper. One is A shaped, the other is V shaped.


Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park was created to preserve the Giant Saguaro cactus, which only grows in the Sonoran Desert and is essential to Arizona as it can trap water, hence feeding the water supply.


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep sided canyon, and one of the few sights that is more impressive than in print. The Grand Canyon is 443 kilometres long and can be accessed from the North Rim or South Rim. Inside the South Rim, we made the unfortunate mistake of leaving our car parked by the side of the road, and walking along the ridge on foot. When night time arrived, it took us a fair amount of time to find the car in the resulting darkness.



Known as Red Rock Country, Sedona is a great place for hiking. The red rocks practically glow in the light. Sedona also has a nice little town.



Williams is a railway pitstop town. Its centre is a showpiece dedicated to Route 66, the longest route in the USA. Many of the old buildings have been saved like the Galaxy Diner, other small diners and motels with the 1950s architectural design.


Cinco de Mayo

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and with so many people of Mexican descent there, Cinco de Mayo is a special celebration. Meaning "5th May" in Spanish, it commemorates the battle on May 5, 1862 when a small group of Mexican soldiers defeated a French army that was twice its size. The French had tried to invade after Mexico became independent from Spanish rule. As part of the celebrations, there's food, music, dancing and best of all Mexican wrestlers, who know how to put on a good show. Night time in Downtown, there's many bars & clubs playing Latino music.



Very luscious and green, Scottsdale is the more upmarket part of Arizona. The wide boulevards are lined up with palm trees and saguaro cactus, boasting a certain glamour over its close neighbour, Phoenix.


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