Situated next to Malaysia, Brunei is an oil rich country under strict Muslim law. It's like an emirate in the jungle instead of the desert.


Bandar Seri Begawan

BSB, the capital city, is clean and stifling hot. The residents might be relatively wealthy, but one in ten still live in water villages, built entirely on stilts over the Brunei river.
A unique Brunei signature is the Nasi Katok dish - hot rice with a side of spicy sambal and a piece of chicken. Many years ago, restaurants used to close early, so the only way for a hungry person to get a late night meal was literally to knock on the doors of a food outlet and get the owner out of bed. The sleepy owner would then prepare a simple dish which over time became known as Nasi Katok. Katok means knock in the Malay language while nasi translates to rice. So basically it means "Knock for rice."