Canada is a vast country with lots of open spaces and plenty of fresh air.



My itinerary was as follow: Toronto explored Toronto on foot hired a car for the day and drove to the Niagara Falls took the Greyhound bus from Toronto to Montreal hired a car and drove around the region Montreal.



Named from an Iroquois word meaning "where there are trees in the water", Toronto is a beautiful city and despite all the high rise towers it is surprisingly green. Excellent food at St Lawrence market and some nice architecture. Everybody is pretty friendly too, mostly.
A trip on the ferry out to the Toronto Islands is also nice, just pick your spots carefully. I saw a tanned Latino guy with long hair emerge from the bushes wearing nothing but a thong, turns out he was on his way to a nearby nudist beach.


Niagara Falls

The impressive and roaring Niagara Falls are just a couple of hours away from Toronto. The Maid of the Midst boat takes you right to the front of the falls.


Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is a purpose built ski resort for denizens to embrace nature and enjoy a selection of activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, husky dog sledding, etc.


Parc Omega

Parc Omega is a nature park in Quebec, full of wildlife. Deer of several kinds, moose, wolves, bears, coyotes, boar, bison, you name it. Deer slobber on the car, but that's half the fun. There's also places to picnic.



Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec. The old town has historical and cultural sites, downtown is more modern with shopping both above ground and below (for the very cold winters). When Europeans started settling in Canada in the 16th century, England and France were vying for dominance. As a result, today Quebec is a French speaking province, while the rest of Canada is English. Quebecois speak a very strange form of French. Even the French themselves struggle with it.



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