USA - Georgia

Known as the Peach State and Goober State (goobers is an old word for peanuts), Georgia is nestled between Alabama and South Carolina.



Also known "The ATL" or "The A", Atlanta is the state's capital and largest city. It's home to CNN, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, and a bunch of other big names. As such, some of the main things to do in Atlanta are the Delta Flight Museum, Coca-Cola World, and CNN studios to learn about the history of those companies.
Due to its history with slavery and the Confederation, the city is still to this day segregated and split into two parts, with the white neighbourhoods on one side, and the rest on the other side. Buckhead is where the nightlife is.



Athens in a University town as it houses the University of Georgia. The UoG is home to the Georgia Dogs, a football team. I coincidentally arrived there half-way through a game, and the security staff hooked me up with a free ticket. Not only that, Chick-Fil-A were handing out free chicken burgers too. The game itself was not particularly exciting, unless you enjoy watching a bunch of guys trying to give each other a concussion. For most spectators, it was definitely more of socialising and eating thing rather than the love of the sport.


Powder Springs

Powder Springs is a small town with a population of 15,000. It's a nice quintessential American town.


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