Germany is a big country famous for its love of discipline, efficiency and aversion to debt.


Neuschwanstein Castle

If I were a princess, I would want my castle to look like this. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is a fairy tale castle that looks like it's straight out of the dreams of little girls around the world. In reality, the castle was commissioned as a personal retreat for King Ludwig II, the reclusive ruler of Bavaria.



Berlin is a liberal, artsy and seedy city. It was divided during the Cold War by the Berlin Wall. While strips of the wall have been preserved, the main historical site is Checkpoint Charlie, a border-crossing between the former East and West Germany. It was the only spot where US and Soviet armies had a stand-off. There's a replica checkpoint at the site today, there are even fake soldiers standing at the post for added authenticity, ready to pose for photographs with visitors.



Dresden is one of the many German cities that had to be rebuilt after World War II. It's sometimes called the "Florence of Germany" because of its arts and architecture.



Bavaria's beautiful and expensive capital city, Munich is home to BMW, Bayern Munich, and Oktoberfest - a celebration of alcoholism. If you ever think Germans are boring, wait until you watch them down litres of beers in Oktoberfest and prance around together naked in saunas.


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