Liechtenstein is a small country nestled between Switzerland and Austria in the heart of the Alps. If you haven't heard of Liechtenstein before, it's because that's how they want it. The ultra-discreet Liechtenstein is Europe's least-visited country, inhabited by the fewest people and with very little land (62 square miles), but it contains the most secrets of the international super-rich and ruling dynasties. In this mysterious tax haven, there are more registered companies than citizens, and residence is usually obtained via an obscure lottery system.



As one of the world's most secretive tax havens, the atmosphere is almost palpable on the sleepy streets of Vaduz, the capital city. Overlooked by its medieval mountain-top castle, glistening bank facades jostle for space with investment firms and countless "letter-box" holding companies. Liechtenstein does not have a mainline railway station because very few of its paying clients make a habit of travelling by train, but there is a bus service for the tourists.


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