Lithuania is the Baltic country that produces "apple cheese" when really it's just apple jam (called obuoliy suris in Lithuanian).



Klaipeda is a cute and laid back seaside town with a German heritage. Wandering through the old town, you'll stumble across many small sculptures of animals or people.



Kaunas is the country's second biggest city that gets packed with students during term time. Kaunas is a very artistic place and home to a very unique museum that is dedicated to the devil. Three floors of devils, devils and more devils… or rather the devil in a myriad of different depictions.



Vilnius is one of the great ancient cities of the east with a long history. Though more recently, Vilnius wasn't actually part of Lithuania, changing hands between Russia, Germany, Poland and Russia again. Vilnius has recovered from Soviet post-war destruction, with the Old Town and other historic parts now refurbished, and gleaming hi-tech buildings have sprung up to the north of the river.


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