USA - New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most densely populated US states as many people who work in New York live there (NJ has lower rents and lower tax rates than NYC). It's not very popular with tourists, though it has a major airport (Newark) and the eastern version of Las Vegas called Atlantic City.


Atlantic City

Atlantic City was incorporated from three towns in 1854 with the aim of creating a holiday resort for wealthy New Yorkers. Since the 1970's, the city's movers and shakers have been largely promoting the seaside resort as a gambling mecca. Several casinos lie along the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the first and longest boardwalk in the world. After 2010, Atlantic City has experienced a dramatic decline in its stature as a gambling destination, spurred by competition from the other north-eastern US states after they legalised gambling.


United Airlines

Nothing says "vacation is over" like New Jersey's shambolic airport, Newark. I flew out with United Airlines, the size of the TV screens were smaller than my cellphone!


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