The largest country in the world (so big it stretches across 9 timezones), Russia is a country that is famous for bears and vodka. Of course bears do not walk in the cities. Russian people do drink a lot of vodka, but there's an explanation for this: vodka is the cheapest (by far) hard liquor in the country. Last but not least, in Russia a headlock is considered foreplay. Supposedly.



Moscow (Moskva) is the capital of Russia, and the country's economic, financial, educational, and transportation centre. Moscow is often called a country within the country. The majority of gas and oil money is spent there, so it's way more developed than the rest of Russia and the opulence in Moscow is unbelievable.


Moscow Metro

Moscow metro stations are without doubt the most beautiful and ornate in the world. The stations are made of marble, granite and bronze. Sculpture, artworks, and grand mosaics are of museum quality. Many of them portray life of Soviet times: farmers, workers, soldiers, and party leaders. Pictures don't do it justice. You could spend a day just travelling around these stations. By the way, Russians are very "hands on" when it comes to the metro. No one is gonna ask you to get in or stand clear. They will simply push you inside of the car or step on your shoes so everyone that will get in quickly.


Saint Petersburg

St Petersburg was constructed out of marshland in 1703 by Peter the Great, who modelled it after western European cities hence St Petersburg enjoys the image of being the most European city of Russia. It was the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two centuries until the Russian Revolution of 1917. It is Russia's second largest after Moscow. Saint Petersburg is a major European cultural center and has more palaces than you can shake a stick at.


St Petersburg Metro

St Petersburg metro system is a feast for the eyes. Stations with marble floors and walls, crystal columns, chandeliers, sculptures, and the most incredible huge mosaics where every station is a work of art by itself. The stations were built as bomb shelters during the cold war, but you might think you're at the opera or theater.


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