Centuries ago a Sumatran prince and his entourage landed in Singapore in search of new territory to expand his domain. Legend has it that they then came upon a ferocious beast ready to pounce on them if provoked. Not having encountered such an animal before, the prince thought it must be the King of the Animal kingdom and promptly named it "Singa Pura", the "Lion city", in Sanskrit. The British later anglicised it as Singapore.


Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is the most famous hotel in Singapore. The building is a work of art and the most amazing thing is their iconic infinity pool on the 57th floor. Best pool I have ever been to, although it gets quite cold after sunset. Great design and the best view you can get in Singapore.


Singapore city

The city is a major global hub in terms of transport, trade and finance. Its efficient infrastructure and the fact that it is English speaking give it a reputation of being "Asia light", but Singapore is modern, clean, safe, vibrant and buzzing. The only problem with Singapore is that it feels a bit like a giant tropical shopping mall - the palm trees are nice, but it feels like the only thing to do there is to buy stuff.


Changi airport

Singapore Changi airport is often voted as the best airport in the world. Everything is ultra modern, spotless and efficient. Rooftop pool, free cinema, sunflower garden, they are even building an indoor waterfall.


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